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     Storm Season: The Fragile Barrier Islands of Louisiana, September 2012

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  • Nature, International Weekly Journal of Science

    365 Days: The Best Science Images of 2015, Daniel Cressey, ed., Vol 528, December 24-31. (Photograph of weevil, featured as one of 13 best science images of the year.)
  • Discover Magazine

    October 2014, Ernie Mastroianni, ed., Kalmbach Publishing Co, Waukesha, WI, (Illustration, Full Page Publication of a Photograph)
  • Modern American Housing: High-Rise, Reuse, Infill

    Peggy Tully, ed. Princeton Architectural Press, New York City, NY, ISBN 9781616891091, 2013, (Illustrations- Photographs for a chapter by Jonathan Massey)
  • [bracket]

    Issue #1: On Farming, Beyond Disney, 2010, Mason White, Maya Przybylski, ed., Toronto, Canada, published by Actar, New York, NY, ISBN 978-8492861217