Inspired by my childhood during the civil war in Balkans, my work investigates ideas of disappearing and changing landscape, geopolitical and environmental themes. My long-term projects tend to be in some way tied to the specific characteristics of the location I occupy for a prolonged period of time. 

I began exploring environmental land-loss in Louisiana starting in 1999. These pinhole photographs resulted in my first post-MFA series of work entitled Storm Season (2006-2011). Since then I kept re-visiting and documenting the dramatic landscape changes in the same locations in Barataria-Terrebonne wetland region of South Louisiana. This physical land-loss represented for me the metaphor for the disintegration of my native Yugoslavia.

While living in Tallahassee (2002-10) I documented Florida’s rapidly changing suburban landscape, through video, still landscape images, and aerial photographs. The resulting project, SpeculationWorld (2008-2009), explored the development and subsequent crash of sprawling subdivisions in Florida and their effect on environmental and cultural landscape.

My most recent body of work investigates our relationship to land through micro images of locally found insects. Suburban Symbiosis: Insectum domesticus (2011-2015), utilizes the combination of Scanning Electron Microscope and optical Stereo Microscope, in order to achieve a “portrait”-like effect inspired by the tradition of 17th Century Dutch masters.